Professional Audio

Cognovation started suppling professional audio in 1979 and has actively progressed through a variety of clients in the Canadian entertainment industry.

Currently we are providing a complete system to a local music school where a band program is taught to students using stage, lights, and sound.

The audio system features include:

  - Midas M-32 digital console.

  - Cubase Pro and M-32 Edit on MS Windows x64.

  - Ten thousand watts of Crown power.

  - Full stereo front show using Meyer Sound enclosers.

  - Three way side fill monitors.

  - Eight monitor assignments.

  - All monitor enclosures are actively crossed over.

  - Shure. AKG, and Sennheiser microphones.

  - Microh LED PAR64 lights on tripod stands.

  - Enjoy the slide presentation or visit Carlaw Conservatory of Music.

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Front of house console.
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Front of house console.
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Front of house console with classroom whiteboard.
4 / 12
DAW studio used for online virtual classes.
5 / 12
Front of house outboard rack with DAW.
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Ten Crown power amplifiers and BSS crossovers.
7 / 12
Auxillary power amplification and BSS crossovers.
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Meyer Sound front of house. Side fill and JBL wedge monitors.
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Stage right.
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Stage left.
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Centre stage showing mic'd drum kit.
12 / 12
Full stage from back of room.

The following manufacturers and suppliers have provided professional audio to Cognovation Corporation over the years.

A complete inventory of the equipment can be found at: Cognovation Professional Audio Equipment Schedule.