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    Cognovation Corporation delivers application systems entirely in Oracle. We use Oracle Designer, Oracle Developer, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Web Server, and any other Oracle tools such as QMS's Headstart or Advantage project management. A highlight of our application development is described here:
  • Screens are presented with Oracle*Forms that are either generated from Designer or built from the Developer tool.

  • Reports are produced in PDF graphical and data extract text formats using Oracle*Reports.

  • All stored routines reside within the Oracle RDBMS written in Oracle's native PL/SQL language.

  • Our application design methodology is 100% compliant with Oracle's Designer tool set for your enterprise solution.


    Our applications use a highly meta-data driven approach that yields a more intelligent solution. When changes occur data is adjusted rather than program code. The following functionality is typically driven by a supporting context sensitive data element dictionary:
  • down add data operations

  • carry forward data operations

  • data cell formula operations

  • on-line audit equations reporting the state of data

  • line stub text providing national language support

  • a security model to restrict access to data subsets

  • audit trail recording before and after image values


    The use of database table triggers are used to enforce business rules such as:
  • cross add calculations

  • audit trail entries to record before and after image values


    Our application platform methodology includes the technical infrastructure to support a common access point using a meta-data driven menu with the following functionality:
  • user profiles

  • application profiles

  • deferred delivery services

  • delivery of application outputs via email

  • parameter management and operating control language

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